Featuring all types of folding knives- slipjoints,flippers ,tactical,etc.

Most modern factory folders come in original packaging.


Reate Wave titanium 

Has an 8.5cm flat ground M390 steel blade ,titanium handle with textured  blue/gold coloured overlay.Titanium pocket clip and backspacer .

steel insert on lockface

includes overtravel limiter.Comes in zipped case with Reate logo.

Price £325.Reduced now £275.


Michael Zieba S2 Mini.

This is the Rose Gold edition,with the multiplated gold backspacer and devils tail pocket clip.

The 6cm harpoon style blade is of Bohler m390,with ceramic bearing pivot and  framelock handle is titanium. 

Comes with Zieba logo zippered pouch.

Purchased from maker.

Price £475.

Tinus Stone mini friction folders.


 Stone Handmade Knives keyring friction folders.

 Custom keyring friction folders by South African maker Tinus Stone.

Each has a blade length of 4cm of

N690 steel. 

Stainless steel liners and scale materials of grey PVC (X2), black PVC(sold), black kydex and rosewood(sold).

Closed length is 7.5cm.

Purchased from maker.

Price £50 each.

Prinsloo custom folder.
Theuns Prinsloo custom linerlock folder.


Theuns Prinsloo custom liner lock folder

12c27 steel 8cm hawkbill blade.. 

overall 20cm length.

coloured titanium bolsters.

Abalone scales.

Jewelled liner,engraved backspacer -inside and out!(stippling,stick figures and scenery).

thumbstud inset with ruby.

Purchased from maker.

Price £485.Reduced Now £435.

Mcusta damascus folding knife.
Mcusta damascus folding knife.


Mcusta Yoroi linerlock 

A compact pocket knife with a 7cm vg10 clad san mai  blade and "basketweave" 

damascus handle, anodised pivot pin,

oiled washers, stainless liners.

Made in Seki Japan.

Price £225.Reduced now £170.


CRKT Hissatsu.

CRKT Otanashi Noh Ken.

A pair of Japanese inspired folding knives both designed by James Williams.

Top.The hissatsu has a 10cm tanto shape blade of coated AUS8 steel with GRN handle over steel liners.

Linerlock design.  Price £65.

Bottom. The Otanashi Noh Ken is slightly larger with a 11.5 cm blade of coated AUS8 steel and G10 handle.

Framelock design.  Price £90.


Cold Steel Gunsite 2 tanto folder.

This version has a half serated 9.5cm tanto blade with Gunsite centre,s black raven logo.

Has a zytel handle with integral pocket clip, 

Made in Japan in 1990s.

No box.

Price £80.

Gerber Paul series 1 folding knife.


Gerber - Paul model 2PM

Paul Poehlman design series 1

with "ivory" micarta scales,featuring the unique button lock opening mechanism.

Comes in presentation box with hard to find leatherbelt pouch(still in original package).

6cm blade , 9cm closed length.

Price £235.Reduced now £205.

CRKT Nirk Tighe 2


CRKT Nirk Tighe 2

Designed by Brian Tighe and Glenn Klecker.It has a recurve 9cm blade of Aus 8 steel and a skeletal two tone steel handle (blue/silver) with an integrated lock back.comes with original box.

Price  £60.

Tim Britton pearl slipjoint folder.


Tim Britton pearl slipjoint folder.

A very  fine custom gentlemans slipjoint with mother of pearl tear drop style handle scales and red liners.There is a very small imperfection between one bolster and scale.Blade length is 7cm.

Purchased from maker.

Price £275.

Mcusta folder 25D.


Mcusta linerlock 25D.

Folder with 8 cm san mai blade of 33 layer nickel Damascus and VG10 core.

Has white Dupont Corian handle with contoured finger grooves and s/s liners.

Made in Seki Japan.

Price £150.


Boker Plus Griplock.

An innovative design from Grant and Gavin Hawk with a lever arm mechanism for opening and closing the knife.Blade steel is Aus 8 , 8cm in length.Handle is Aluminium.

Comes in original box.

Price £50.

Steve Fecas custom slipjoint knife.


Steve Fecas Slipjoint.

Custom folder.

Jigged and dyed bone handle material with gold pins.

8cm blade and 11.5cm closed length.

Purchased from maker .

Price £305.


Beretta Electra.

Long discontinued lightweight linerlock with 6.5cm modified wharncliffe blade of VG10 steel.

Both sides of handle have circuit board inlays.Limited number made around yr2000.

Comes in original box and metal presentation tin.

Price £95.


Benchmade 710

This now discontinued model was designed by Bill McHenry and Jason Williams and was the first Benchmade to feature the axis lock.

It has a 10cm blade of D2 steel and the handle is G10 over steel liners.

No box. Comes with Benchmade nylon pouch.

Made in USA

Price £145.


GEC Tidioute model 48.

A model 48, 2 blade improved trapper with black and gold  tiger eye acrylic handle material. Blades are 1095 carbon steel, bolsters are nickel silver and liners are brass. Made in USA.

One of 156 made in 2017,new in tube.

Price £140.


Kansei friction folder.

This stylish custom friction folder by Matsuno Kansei has an 8cm reverse tanto blade of ATS34 steel with satin finish.The handle has Rosewood scales over carbon fibre liners.

Large pivot pin is stainless steel.

Comes with soft leather slip.

Price £155.


BOKER 2065 ORION titanium blade



Lionsteel SR1 Red.


Boker 2065 Orion.

A version of the stellar model with carbon fibre handle and Titanium/aluminium alloy crystalline  blade etched to produce a very attractive effect.

Comes in presentation metal box.

Made in Germany.

Blade length 7cm.Weight 75 grams.

Price £195.Reduced now £175.

Lionsteel SR1

This is a substantial but lightweight folder with a 9.5cm blade of D2 steel.

It has a framelock handle of one piece 3D machined aluminium with a rotoblock security system.

A Molletta design.

Original packaging.

Made in Italy.

Price £SOLD.


R.B. Johnson custom  folder.

A custom liner lock folder by renowned maker RB Johnson.

It has a damascus wharncliffe shape blade ,meteorite bolsters and mammoth ivory scales(cream colored one side and brown/cream on the other) over titanium liners.The screws and thumbstud are gold plated. Thumbstud is set with a ruby.

Price £650.


Michael Vagnino damascus folder.

This is one of this Mastersmiths "Mystery folders".

Has a pin catch to lock blade closed.

(tip up to open,tip down to close.)

Damascus handle scales are of 15n20/1095 mosaic with hand made screws.Blade is 7cm long.

Purchased from maker.

Price £485.


United Cutlery Fred Carter design folder

United Cutlery FC4-S

Fred Carter design folder,

7.5cm blade of 440 steel with cryoedge.

11cm closed length,has diamond cut 6061-t6 aircraft aluminium handle.

original packaging.

Price £65.Reduced now £45.

Lone Wolf Tighe Tactical folder


Lone Wolf Tighe Tactical

Brian Tighe design folder

9cm blade of CPM S30V,

Titanium handle with blue anodised liners. Closed length 11.5cm.

Made in Japan.

original packaging.

Price £275.Reduced Now £245.

Spyderco Meerkat folding knife.


Spyderco Meerkat.

A now discontinued model with the "phantom lock" , sliding the left side handle scale forward releases the lock to close. Has a 4cm blade of Aus6 steel and handle is FRN over steel liners.

Made in Japan.

Price  £80.

Camillus Cuda EDC.


Camillus CUDA EDC

Daryll Ralph design.

8cm blade of 154CM steel.

Framelock construction.

Numbered 1 of 500.

Original packaging.

Price £95.


CRKT Apache LE.

This is the limited edition version now discontinued.

Has a 9cm  droppoint partially serated blade of ATS34 steel and a lightweight machined black T6 aluminium handle.

Original package.

Price £65.

Case Knives Swayback Gent folder.


Case Swayback Gent.

Another traditional pattern from Case knives with a wharncliffe style blade, single nickel silver bolster, brass liners  and blue jigged bone handle with red enamelled logo shield.

Made in USA.

Price £65.

Tim Britton Pronghorn damascus lockback folder.


Tim Britton Pronghorn Lockback Folder

This is a stunning custom folder from long time U.S. maker Tim Britton.

The 7.5cm blade is  damascus over VG10 core. The handle is contoured grey G10 with s/s bolsters. Comes in zip case embroidered with makers name.

Purchased from maker.

Price £340.


Rick Nowland custom trapper.

Twin blade custom wharncliffe trapper slipjoint with red/yellow paper micarta scales.

Integral bolsters.

Purchased from maker.

Price £400.

Fujisaka folding pocket knife.


Stan Fujisaka custom folder.

A fine piece of pocket jewellery from the sadly now deceased Hawaiian maker.

A liner lock folder with anodised titanium bolsters and mother of pearl handle scales.

Price £700.

Hiroaki Ohta slipjoint with mammth ivory.


Hiroaki Ohta custom slipjoint.

Custom slipjoint folder by by a reknowned Japanese maker.

Warncliffe blade of ATS34 steel.

Has pinched and fluted bolsters and carved mammoth ivory handle.

A stunning example of "pocket jewellery".

Price £455.Reduced now £430.

William Henry Lancet T10.


William Henry Lancet T10.

Now discontinued model.

6cm blade of 154cm steel with Tungsten DLC coating.

Titanium frame with carbon fibre handle material.

Screws, pivot and thumb stud are 24K gold plated.

Pocket clip is anodised purple.

Original paperwork and packaging.

Price £SOLD.


Spyderco Endura gen 3.

Has 9.5cm plain edge  blade of VG10, FRN handle and metal reversable clip.

Made in Japan.

No box.

Price £75.

Eickhorn Elishewitz 1 small folder


Eickhorn Elishewitz 1 (small) .

1st production run numbered 871 of 2000.

Has a 7cm blade of cryo 420 stainless.

Handle is black G10 with blue anodised aluminium overlays.

(large size also available ,9cm blade, number 802.)

Made in Germany.

Comes in clear  plastic presentation box.

Price £75. Reduced now £55.

Puma La Caza micarta 111


Puma La Caza Micarta 111.

A lock back folder with orange micarta scales, stainless steel bolsters and an 8cm s/s blade.Comes in original box.

 Price  £SOLD.

Steve Vanderkolff slipjoint


Vanderkolff interframe slipjoint.

A custom interframe slipjoint by Canadian maker Steve Vanderkolff.

Blade and spine are 154cm steel and frame is 416s/s. Inlaid with leopard skin jasper.

Blade has gold Dellana dots for left and right handed opening.

Purchased from maker.

Price £405.


Cold Steel Lucky One folding knife.


Cold Steel Lucky One.

A modern version  of a classic gents slipjoint. It is very lightweight (25grams), with carbon fibre handle, a 6.7cm length CPM S35VN steel blade and stainless pocket clip.Comes with original box and suede pouch.

Made in Italy.

Price £75.

George Baartman custom slipjoint.


George Baartman slipjoint.

A custom slipjoint pocket knife by South African maker George Baartman.It has a 7cm blade of N690 steel, bolsters are carbon fibre, handle scales are lightning strike carbon fibre and liners are titanium.An easy opener but still snaps into open and closed positions.

Price £180.


Bianchi lockback folder.

Lockback folder with mirror polished 7.5cm blade.Satin finished s/s bolsters.

Not sure of age but blade looks unused although there are a few storage marks on backspring.

Price £105.Reduced £95.

Lone Wolf Angelo fluted damascus folder.


Lone Wolf Angelo fluted folder.

 Jeff Angelo design,1st production run.     6 cm damascus blade. 

 Fluted and stippled titanium handle,with gold plated thumb stud,pivot pin and screws.

Comes in presentation tin and has leather slip.

  Price £300.



Moki Lockback (2004)

Small  hand finished lockback folder in presentation wooden box.

Numbered 85 of 300.

Has  6cm blade of ATS 34 and cocbola scales.

Also comes with leather pouch.

Made in Japan.

Price  £SOLD.