These are the latest additions to the site so you will see folding  and fixed blades here,they will also be featured on appropriate pages, along with specs and other details.

Hiroaki Ohta custom slipjoint folder.

acw Ohta custom  folder

acw Boker Kiridashi


acw Tinus Stone custom

acw Al Mar Tanken Scout

CRKT 2010 Dragon fixed blade knife.

acw CRKT Dragon

Sharman Koa wood fixed blade edc.

acw   Wendon Sharman  Custom

acw Zieba S2 mini.

White Tiger Knives Raven

acw White Tiger Knives Raven.

acw Baartman slipjoint

acw Beretta Electra.

GEC Tidioute 48 folding knife

acw GEC model 48 trapper

KSR Kitchen_utility knives_

acw Steve Randall kitchen/utility

acw RMJ Tactical UCAP

Brusletto Norron yr 2000 knife.

acw Brusletto Norron.

Ontario Knife Company Hunt Plus knife.

acw  OKC Hunt plus

J.R. Turner Scagel style skinner

acw J.R. Turner pioneer skinner.

Lone Wolf Angelo pocket knife.

acw Lone Wolf Angelo folder

Cold Steel Gunsite 2 folding knife

acw Cold Steel Gunsite 2.

James Sponaugle hunter and leather sheath

acw James Sponaugle custom

Michael Vagnino damascus folder

acw Michael Vagnino

acw CRKT Nirk Tighe 2.

acw Greg Lightfoot

Cold Steel Tai Pan fixed blade knife

  acw  Cold Steel 13Q Tai Pan

Omega Constellation 1987
acw Omega Constellation

acw Kansei friction folder.

Raymond Weil Tango 5560
acw Raymond Weil 5560
Tim Britton Pronghorn damascus folder.
acw Tim Britton custom folder
Tim Britton pearl handle folder.
acw Tim Britton custom.
Undone Watches Urban Navi.
acw Undone urban watch