These are the latest additions to the site so you will see folding  and fixed blades here,they will also be featured on appropriate pages, along with specs and other details.

acw Ohta custom  folder

acw Randall model 5.


acw Steve Fecas custom

acw Ron Newton custom

acw Mike Irie custom.

acw Case Sodbuster

acw Mcusta linerlock

acw Puma White Hunter

acw Scott Mcghee Cottonmouth.

acw GEC Northfield #13.

acw Claude Montjoy custom

acw  Buckmaster

acw Sharman Damascus utility.

acw Steve Randall kitchen/utlity

acw Lionsteel SR1

acw Lone Wolf Angelo folder

acw Vanderkolff slipjoint.

acw   Wendon Sharman  Custom

acw James Sponaugle custom

acw Michael Vagnino

acw AE Thorburn folder

acw Stone Handmade Knives.

Al Mar Sere Operator  acw

acw Emerson cqc 7.